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Reflex Master CIPN sequence (Section 3)

The third section of the video is all about the Autonomic Nervous System which has 3 parts. The first part is in the Intermediolateral Cell Column of the spinal cord, the second part forms the paravertebral ganglia for sympathetic and parasympathetic activity and the third part forms the pre-vertebral ganglia to access the organs and muscles of the viscera.

Copyright for video sequence CIPN

This content of the sequence and any associated illustrations used in this video were developed by, and are the copyright of, Dr Carol Samuel trading as Reflexmaster.

The sequence is part of an ongoing research protocol and Reflexmaster makes no claim for its efficacy at this stage. Its use is for training reflexology practitioners who may be supporting clients experiencing Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) and other neuropathies of the lower limbs.

All rights of the owner of the reproduced work are reserved and any unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance, radio or TV broadcasts of this sequence is strictly prohibited. Any such actions as noted above establish liability for a civil action and may give rise to a criminal prosecution.

Reflexology is a ‘complimentary’ practice and works alongside traditional medical services, it is not a substitute for your usual medical care.

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